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Disclaimer and privacy regulations

Limitation of liability and protection from misusage of personal data

  1. Content of the online offer

    1. gaxsys GmbH assumes no warranty for the timeliness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Any liability claim against gaxsys GmbH, which refer to tangible or intangible damages, and which may be caused by the usage or non-usage of the information provided or, respectively, by the usage of any incorrect or incomplete information, is generally barred unless in cases of evidenced intentional acts or gross negligence on the part of gaxsys GmbH. All offers are subject to change and non-binding. gaxsys GmbH expressly reserves the right to modifications, amendments, or cancellations of components of the pages or the offer as a whole, or to the temporary or final discontinuation of this publication, without any prior notice.
  2. References and links

    1. Where direct or indirect references to external websites (hyperlinks) are concerned, which lie beyond the sphere of responsibility of gaxsys GmbH, an obligation to assume liability would take effect exclusively in the case of gaxsys GmbH having knowledge of the content, and it having been technically feasible and reasonable for it to have prevented its use in the case of it having unlawful content. gaxsys GmbH hereby explicitly declares that, at the point in time of setting the link, no unlawful content could be detected on the linked sites. gaxsys GmbH has no influence whatsoever on the current and future creative design, contents or copyright of the linked sites. Therefore, it hereby explicitly disassociates itself from all the content of all the linked sites that have been changed after setting the links. This statement shall be valid for all the links and references set within the scope of gaxsys GmbH's own Internet offer and also for entries by third persons in the guest books, discussion forums, link lists and mailing lists set up by gaxsys GmbH, and in all other forms of databases, on the contents of which external write access is possible. Where unlawful, erroneous or incomplete content is concerned, especially damages arising from the usage or non-usage of the type of information that is offered, the provider of the site to which the reference is made (and not the party who merely makes reference to the respective publication via links) shall be solely liable.
  3. Copyrights and identification rights

    1. gaxsys GmbH endeavours to observe the copyrights of the graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts in all the publications, to use its own graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts, or to make recourse to graphics, audio files, video sequences and texts requiring no license. All the trademarks and brand names identified within the Internet offer and, where applicable, those protected by third persons, are subject without restriction to the legal provisions of the respectively valid right to protected identification / trademarks and the rights of ownership of the respective registered owners. The fact that a trademark has merely been named shall not imply that trademarks are not protected by the rights of third persons! The copyright for any published items produced by gaxsys GmbH itself shall remain solely with gaxsys GmbH. Duplication or utilisation of such graphics, audio documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications shall be prohibited unless gaxsys GmbH has granted its express consent.
  4. Data protection

    1. The protection of the private sphere and the personal data of its customers is of great concern to gaxsys GmbH. For this reason, when using the personal data of its customers, gaxsys GmbH naturally observes data protection laws. If, within the Internet offer, the option exists for the input of personal or business data (e-mail addresses, name, addresses), the divulging of such data on the part of the user takes place on an expressly voluntary basis. The data are used and stored by gaxsys GmbH solely for the handling of the commercial association, particularly the special contractual relationship. The data are handled with confidentiality. No transfer of the data to any third party shall take place. For security reasons, all customer data to be conveyed are transferred encoded in the SSL format. The use of contact information (such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses) published in the legal notice (Impressum) or comparable information by any third party for the transmission of information that is not expressly requested is not permitted. We expressly reserve the right to take legal steps against the senders of so-called "spam mails" or of unsolicited advertising by fax or telephone upon violating this prohibition.
  5. Legal effectiveness of this liability limitation

    1. This liability limitation shall be deemed to be a part of the Internet offer, from which reference to this site has been made. If any parts or individual formulations of this text should fail to conform to the valid legal situation, or is no longer or not fully in conformity therewith, this shall not affect the content or validity of the remaining parts of the document.